• Successful Case Sharing:lmport of TP Cover of Wind Power Project

    InterMax Successfully Carried out the transportation of Wind Power Project from Europe to Taiwan.

  • Cross-Border Transportation Taiwan-Qingdao-Moscow

    The option of half the timeBecause of Russia-Ukraine conflict, the shipments from Taiwan and Southeast Asia has been restricted since March.Presently, there’s new way to delivery the shipment from Taiwan to Russia via Qingdao and other ports. Sea-Road Cross-border Transportation.Comparing with full ocean service, it can save nearly half of transit time of all.Case Sharing:Commodity: CNC cylindrical grinding machinesMode: Multi-modeltransportationRouting: Taiwan ¬ Qingdao ¬ Alashankou

  • Project Transportation|Sichuan-Los Angeles

    Are you looking for a professional international transportation company to meet your needs?With years of industry experience and expertise, INTERMAX is able to provide customers with comprehensive, one-stop international transportation solutions.Choosing INTERMAX : the cross-border transport expert, it means choosing professionalism and peace of mind! Our professional team will customize the most suitable transportation solutions according to customer needs.Case Sharing:Commodity: Reefer standMo

  • Oversized flotation deinking tank and high-speed pulp washer from China to Turkey by InterMax

    The cargo in this case was over width and we had to transport it from inland Zhengzhou to Lianyungang. The bigger one was 6.8 X 6.5 X 3.9m. During the transportation process, it was necessary to monitor and control various states of the cargo strictly, predict and deal with possible obstacle to ensure the cargo can be delivered quickly and effectively and arrive safely at the destination.The principle of oversized transportation is to ensure that the cargoes are transported safely and efficientl

  • Kaohsiung-Shanghai-Alashankou 45 tons cargo cross-border transportation by InterMax

    Commodity: SOLID FRAME MECHANICAL PRESS Transportation route: Kaohsiung - Shanghai - AlashankouSize: 5000X3730X3000MMQty/weight/volume: 1 piece/45415kg/58.14CBMKaohsiung, Taiwan – Alashankou, China:Ocean and road transport took 12days in totalThe cargo was oversized and 45tons which we could not load on flat rack thus we chose to ship by breakbulk vessel from Kaohsiung to Shanghai. We arranged lifting crane and direct unload on our truck as the port crane could only lift 30 tons. As the cargo

  • CR-Express LCL Weekly Service

    CR-ExpressLCL Weekly ServiceEasy Logistics Reach Europe Destination Across the ContinentWarehouse Location: Shanghai/Shenzhen/ChongqingPOD:Duisburg,DE/Genk,BE

  • InterMax was interviewed by CGTN

    Recently, InterMax was invited by the Audio Program Department of CGTN Radio to participate in the interview.The interview discussed the positive impact to international logistics brought by the "New Policy on Cold Chain Import" issued by the General Administration of Customs.Details are as followsNew Policy on Imported Cold Chain in 2023General Administration of Customs:Starting from January 8, 2023, all COVID testing on cold chain import will be cancelled.Customs regulators in Shangh

  • Plan B For Export Shipments

    While everyone is struggling to get spaces and containers for their export shipments, our plan B has already in place and ready to go at anytime, to make sure the in-time delivery.On April 28th-29th, InterMax completed the loading of 460 drums of pharmaceuticals at Chongqing and Sichuan factories. The entire transportation was under temperature controlled between 5-25℃. On May 5th, the shipment was unloaded to the Manzhouli warehouse.On May 9th , shipment was successfully transloaded to the Rus

  • Anti-shock and anti-tilt transportation —— Air Cushion Truck

    Last week, we assisted BWS to complete the delivery service of two shipments. The goods are the control panel equipped on the FPSO (floating production storage vessel), with a value of USD 400,000.As the goods are more refined and expensive, the entrusting party has repeatedly advised the precautions for transportation. At the same time, anti vibration and anti tilt signs are pasted on each box of goods. If the vibration or tilt exceeds the scope of the signs (10g and 20 ° in the figure), the s

  • FCL transportation by TIR model from EU to China vise versa

    Intermax continues to develop a new international logistics transportation mode: TIR international road transportation. InterMax collaborated with partner H.Essers together on this TIR project and successfully managed to do a simultaneous two-way TIR full container transit: one for import with the other for export at the same time.InterMax's advantages besides convenience:SOC full container load under terms of Door to Door, no offloading, no damage, no shortage.SOC full container with electr


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