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Project Transportation|Sichuan-Los Angeles


Are you looking for a professional international transportation company to meet your needs?

With years of industry experience and expertise, INTERMAX is able to provide customers with comprehensive, one-stop international transportation solutions.

Choosing INTERMAX : the cross-border transport expert, it means choosing professionalism and peace of mind! Our professional team will customize the most suitable transportation solutions according to customer needs.

Case Sharing:

Commodity: Reefer stand

Mode: Domestic highway + Ocean service

Routing: Sichuan-Shanghai-Los Angeles

Quantity/Volume: 6 sets, 25pcs, 800cbm

Transportation process:

Course 1: Factory pickup - Sichuan


Course 2: Using frame box with lashing and reinforcement - Shanghai


Course 3: BBK cargo loading - Shanghai



Project Transportation Highlights:

INTERMAX assembled three kinds of carriers which including general container, frame box and BBK in the one project shipment.

We can satisfy the requirements for all kind of shipment.


General container is normal and usual container for average shipment.

Frame box is a kind of container without top and sides, which is suitable for lifting oversized, extra wide and high shipment

And BBK is suitable for oversized cargo.


INTERMAX multi-modal solutions provide customers with flexible, economical, safe and environmental solutions. Choosing the most suitable mode according to cargo characteristics and transportation needs can improve transportation efficiency, reduce costs and minimize the impact on the environment.


We can provide the best protection while transporting. Using INTERMAX multi-modal carrier solutions, you will acquirenumerous advantages and peace of mind in the transport services!

Let's start a new chapter of global business together!

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