General Cargo

InterMax operates more than 30,000 TUES of general goods every year. 

Machinery, electronic products, textiles, food, agricultural and industrial equipment accounted for 70%. 

InterMax is mainly engaged in import and export business between Europe, North America and Southeast Asia. 

Automobile and spart parts, clothes, perishables and wine products are exported yearly, providing integrated warehousing and transportation services for several major traders in the industry.

Optimize the best transportation routes

Whether you prefer to transport by sea, air, CR Express or international road transportation, InterMax will help you choose the best route and improve your supply chain system.

Achieve National wide Pickup at door

InterMax can do door-to-door pickup national wide. We have more than 30 warehouses in China, which can carry out consolidation and delivery. 

We have established a stable joint direct selling system overseas.

In Western Europe, we have logistics deconsolidation warehouses in Warsaw, Hamburg / Duisburg and the Netherlands, which can be deconsolidated and distributed directly to door.

In Northern America, we have cooperative warehousing in New York and Los Angeles, which can carry out deconsolidation and transfer to any place in the United States and Canada;

In Southeast Asia, we have also set up a warehouse in Hanoi, which can carry out multimodal transportation and fast customs clearance in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Europe and Russia through intermodal transportation.

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