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With the advent of the scientific and technological era such as cloud computing / big data / AI, InterMax cooperated with Hangzhou high-tech enterprise UIFOX ( to develop RPA automated robot and aPaaS/AI digital logistics integration platform, leading the digital transformation of the international logistics industry.

By simulating the human-computer interaction, we quickly achieve the interconnection between internal and external systems and heterogeneous systems, complete business process reengineering. Through integrating the previous OMS, WMS, TMS, FMS, finance and taxation, customs, terminal and cargo tracking, we are able to achieve automatic booking, and seemlessly interconnect with customer side by AI in whole logistics supply chain. That is our mission " TRANSPOSSIBILITY".

One click to Get Offer, Book Space, and Real-time Tracking

Through digital transformation, we have broken through the information silos of freight forwarding/warehousing/transportation industry software. By using RPA automation robots, aPaaS has realized automatic information transmission between systems and automatic capture of key field data. We become the industry leader in the information technology field of the international logistics industry.

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