With over 10 years of experience, InterMax is the customs experts in the field of HS classification, import and export documentation, customs management and on-site inspection. Our experienced team understand customs clearance, especially in the case of food, medical drugs, temporary importation/exportation, spare parts, personal belongings ,exhibition, customs transit declaration and cross-border declaration.

Customs Clearance and Declaration Services

1. One-on-one service, provide client with professional consultancy service of tariff classification and importation.

2. Customs services included providing with customs compliance and documentation consulting.

3. Representing the client clearing customspayment of dutycustoms examination, assessment and etc.

4. Preparation of handling documents, operation fee settlement, bill of lading and trucking arrangement before shipping inbound.

5. Granting a tax refund or deduction, receipt of foreign exchange and settlement of exchange with full knowledge and pay regular visits to the client for providing with tailor-made services.

InterMax (Hong Kong) offer you assistance on the wide set of importation-related issues

Importation procedure into China mainland via Hong Kong which has been considering complicated. Transportation and customs clearance is the key point to assure your shipment runs smoothly. 

1. Our customs consultants can review your shipment to optimize controls and procedures to maximize compliance.

2. Exporter/Shipper sends customs documentation to customs broker, our team will contact with importer/consignee after receive customs documentation.

3. In principle, 5 days before arrival in Hong Kong. Preparation includes: Pre-arrival declaration, declaration of inspection, tax payment, truck reservation.

4. Shipment arrived at destination facility, operation includes: switch bill of lading, local settlement, payment settlement, arrange pickup the shipment

5. Pickup and delivery, shipments with the proper customs forms, declaration forms and documentation to keep them moving.

6. Mail tax form and import documentation; 

Customs Service

1. Legalquarantine: record, recheck, send and issue according to the pre entry review form of customs declaration Entry exit clearance form

2. National and wood packaging quarantine in epidemic areas: record, review and send the declaration according to the declaration form

Handling process

Document information

Provide legal product quarantine, national quarantine in epidemic areas, wood packaging quarantine, etc. for import and export enterprises.

On the premise that the information is complete,Complete the inspection application within 1 to 2 hours

Service commitment

Provide legal product quarantine, national quarantine in epidemic areas, wood packaging quarantine, etc. for import and export enterprises.

Service Introduction

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