Global import services

INTERMAX —  Model of China import enterprises

With 20 years of experience, InterMax can provide "one-stop" import service worldwide.

Service covers the realm of machinery, food, pharmaceutical, chemicals, agriculture, textile and other industries.

We have served hundreds of customers and gained the long-term trust by relying on E2E intimate service, providing optional SOC and COC containers and storage facilities.

Why choose InterMax

- Familiar with import process and provide import qualification

- Professional customs clearance and inspection application services

- Pre-entry and pre-sort of customs

- 3C certification of electronic products

- Certificate of Origin of food and agriculture shipments

- Registration certificate of cosmetics and chemicals

- DG cargo transportation

- Overseas financial accounting services

- Labelling in Chinese

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Add:1103D, Unit 1, No. 777, WanRong Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai  (200072)




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