Air Freight

InterMax has established a strategic aviation network around the world. We can provide customized solutions and professional services for general cargo, bulk cargo, dangerous cargo and oversized goods. At the same time, we can also upload POD to the Cloud network by aPaaS system, and guarantee our perfect service to your side.

Our network includes:

EU and the US: 3U / CA / CZ / MU / EU Express / KLM / LH / JL / NH / KE / OZ / BR / CI 

NE Asia: JL / NH / KE / OZ / BR / CI

Middle East and Africa: QR / TK / ET / EK

Southern America: AM / UC

SE: TR / MU / CA / CA

Israel: LY

Our services include:

- Online tracking system for pick-up and delivery

- Packaging / palletize service

- E-commerce services

- Global time critical service

- Integrated warehousing service

- Customized services for special goods (high value-added goods, non-standard size goods)

- Global cargo tracking

- Charter service

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Add:#1-302 KYMS, No.525 North Xizang Rd, Jing'an District, Shanghai




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