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FCL transportation by TIR model from EU to China vise versa

Intermax continues to develop a new international logistics transportation mode: TIR international road transportation. InterMax collaborated with partner H.Essers together on this TIR project and successfully managed to do a simultaneous two-way TIR full container transit: one for import with the other for export at the same time.

InterMax's advantages besides convenience:

  • SOC full container load under terms of Door to Door, no offloading, no damage, no shortage.

  • SOC full container with electric/diesel dual operational modes, is suitable for cargo from wide temperature range e.g.: food, pharmacies, electronic products, precision instruments etc., incl. DG such as Li-ion battery.

  • Domestic and international vehicle fitted with GPS monitor, real time tracking.

  • Integrated remote control device, 7/24/365 real time monitoring on location, temperature, humidity, vibration, container door open/close status.


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