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Oversized flotation deinking tank and high-speed pulp washer from China to Turkey by InterMax

The cargo in this case was over width and we had to transport it from inland Zhengzhou to Lianyungang. The bigger one was 6.8 X 6.5 X 3.9m. During the transportation process, it was necessary to monitor and control various states of the cargo strictly, predict and deal with possible obstacle to ensure the cargo can be delivered quickly and effectively and arrive safely at the destination.


The principle of oversized transportation is to ensure that the cargoes are transported safely and efficiently, while minimizing the impact on the environment and other road users.


InterMax has corresponding transportation qualificationsand professional technical equipment. We are able to provide professional services and integrated transportation capabilities such as route survey, transportation plan, road and bridge reinforcement, obstacle removal, contact coordination, etc., to ensure the safety and integrity of the cargo during transportation.


Commodity: Flotation deinking tank and high-speed pulp washer

Mode of transport: Sea Export

Shipping Route: Zhengzhou, China - ALIAGA Port, Turkey

Size/weight: 6.8X 6.5X 3.9M/17.5T  4 X3.4 X2.5M /6.6T

Quantity: 2 sets

    1. Zhengzhou——Low Bed trailer enter the factory for loading, lashing and reinforcement    


    2. Lianyungang——Wharf unloading, loading on board, lashing and reinforcement, and covering with tarpaulin        



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