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Large transformer temporary import and export maintenance project

The transformer was exported from China to Belgium in 2017. There was a serious quality problem occurred when it was working and it could not be repaired onsite. It needed to be returned to China factory for inspection and repair. The repairing time was estimated to be 2 months, and it will be returned to Belgium after repair. The main size of the transformer was 615 * 402 * 393cm, and the transportation weight is about 92ton.

Highlights of project operation:

  • During the implementation of the project, a variety of transportation, loading and unloading methods were involved: A. When the transformer was picked up in Belgian factory, barge was used to transport from factory pier to the public terminal; B. Heavy-lifted vessel was used to deliver the transformer from Antwerp port to Shanghai port; C. Heavy trucks were used for receiving and shipping to domestic factory.

  • InterMax was responsible for customs declaration part, temporary import and export customs declaration was required in this case. As it was a repairing cargo, the value was different from the original export value. Before the cargo arrived at the port, we had already prepared necessary details and information, communicated with the Customs many times to explain for advance declaration. All customs formalities were completed before arriving at the port, and they could be moved out of the port as soon as possible after unloading.

  • Before domestic transportation, we have applied “over-sized transport vehicle permit” in accordance with the requirements of the current road transportation management department, in advance to ensure that all transportation procedures were operated within laws and regulations.


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