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Anti-shock and anti-tilt transportation —— Air Cushion Truck

Last week, we assisted BWS to complete the delivery service of two shipments. The goods are the control panel equipped on the FPSO (floating production storage vessel), with a value of USD 400,000.

As the goods are more refined and expensive, the entrusting party has repeatedly advised the precautions for transportation. At the same time, anti vibration and anti tilt signs are pasted on each box of goods. If the vibration or tilt exceeds the scope of the signs (10g and 20 ° in the figure), the signs will change from colorless to red, and the goods may be damaged because they exceed the allowable standards.

In order to ensure the stability of goods during transportation, in addition to firm binding, air cushion vehicles are needed for transportation.

At first glance, there is not much difference between air cushion vehicle and ordinary truck, but the real difference is the whole vehicle airbag damping system of air cushion vehicle.

Advantages of air cushion vehicle transportation:

  • Light-weight, lighter than the previous plate spring suspension
  • It can lift and adjust the level of the car plate to prevent the goods from tilting.
  • Smooth driving, good shock absorption effect.


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