MV CYSTAL VLADIVOSTOK arrived and berthed at Jungonglu terminal at 17:30 on 26th Feb 2020 . This voyage was the first time that the ship berthed at Chinese wharf . Intermax ship team took charge of all ship agency work for the first voyage.

Since COVID-19 control period is not yet fully restored, after we received the information from the ship owner, we have communicated with the maritime, frontier inspection, pilotage stations and wharves in advance. We have made preparations for the berthing and related plans ahead of time, and have prepared the details. We have communicated with the port and consignee ahead of time about the cargo handling at the terminals. After the ship berthed the port, it has only used 5 hours to complete discharging.

According to the requirements of China Maritime / Border defense / Customs, three days before the arrival of the ship at the Yangtze River Estuary, the Capain is required to take the temperature of all the crew at least twice one day and register the temperature results every day. Before the ship docked, we prepared enough masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, etc. in advance, and sent them to the ship as soon as possible after the ship docked.

At 05:00 a.m. on February 27, all discharging work completed , and sailed away from Jungonglu successfully. The first voyage to China ended successfully. We are looking forward to her next arrival.

MV CRYSTAL VLADIVOSTOK is affiliated to Russian Crystal Alliance . Intermax, as its general agent in China, is fully responsible for handling the inbound and outbound agents / crew boarding and disembarking / ship material supply / refueling / oil sewage and garbage recycling of all its ships. As the general freight agent of the company, it is also fully responsible for the collection, booking and transportation of general cargo / oversized cargo / project cargo / container, etc Customs declaration, terminal agent, etc., the main routes to China, South Korea, Japan, Vladivostok and other ports.


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