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Transportation project of large-scale equirement in Taiwan

Transportation of large inland projects – from wharf warehouse to ship side

Entrusted by * * * company of Canada, Taiwan company has recently completed the inland transportation business of two separators with a unit weight of 350 tons.

The project adopts two groups of spmts with two columns and ten axes, which are transferred from the customer's warehouse in Kaohsiung to the wharf apron, and directly hoisted onto the ship after berthing.

The seagoing ship docked at about 4:30 on Dec / 29, and our company transported the first separator to the ship side of the wharf for direct loading at 17:30 according to the captain's instructions.

The work started at 08:30 the next day and continued to complete the remaining separator and its accessories (including two wooden boxes and formwork), and the seagoing ship left the port at 21:13 Dec / 30 on the same day.


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